Yes! You can pay for the Umrah package on monthly basis or easy instalments. We want to make your Umrah package booking as stress-free as possible which is why we have developed our flexible payment options. When you book Umrah deal with Polani Travel, we can offer you 3
payment plans on request including pay monthly option, low + 3 instalment plan and 2 equal payments option.

  • Pay Monthly
    Under our monthly option, pay a small initial amount and then follow up with equal monthly
  • Low Deposit + Three Instalments
    With this plan, pay a low deposit at initial booking and then pay the remaining amount in three
    equal instalments.
  • Standard Deposit + Two Equal Instalments
    In this plan, you split the total cost in two equal payments and pay the first half at the time of
    booking and pay the second half 30 days before your departure dates.

Yes! We encourage you to make sure you are happy with your Umrah trip itinerary before booking the Umrah package because we are unable to change them for individual travelers after booking. However, if you and a group of friends, colleagues or even your school or business fellows would like your own personally designed Umrah package booked with itinerary of your choice, get in contact with our very talented Umrah advisors working in the itinerary designing department, they can tailor an itinerary just for you.

For the Umrah trips there is no age restriction but an adult must accompany all children under the age of 18 throughout their blessed Umrah journey. Younger children can go for Umrah through our family Umrah packages, but check the flight booking policies for the minimum age and ticketing policies regarding children of various ages. Most of the airlines provide free traveling to children below 2 years of age whereas, children older than 2 years and below the age of 12 have to pay partial amount of flight tickets. Talk to our ticket consolidators working in the dedicated ticket issuance department to book your family Umrah package for traveling with children.

Performing rites of Umrah with people you know doubles the pleasure and excitement of gaining blessings. That is why we give you the option to select your pilgrim group size. This means if your group is small with 2 or more people or a large group of more than 10 pilgrims, most of our Umrah packages you can book are designed to facilitate any group size. Specially, these packages include flights of same airlines together and hotel rooms on sharing basis. Our booked vehicles through partnered transport service providers are purposefully booked to carry up to 24 pilgrims at a time.

Payment is required in full for visa processing & will be non-refundable once visa will be issued. Refunds on the ground arrangements portion cannot be given including hotels. Depending on the ticket type we may be able to refund the ticket after cancellation charge has been deducted as per the airlines’ policy. But if the ticket has not yet been issued, then there will be no cancellation charges whatsoever.

For now a lady can travel for Umrah without Mahram as per current Saudi Govt guidelines (subject change).

If you are confused about how to split the nights during a virtuous trip towards Makah and Medina, then just contact our well-trained tour advisors that will give you the best suggestions upon using their years of experience. However, we offer different Umrah packages in which you will find the best fit for how much nights you want to spend on Makah or Medina. You can choose any of them. Following are a few
practices done by pilgrims:

  1. If you want to choose 10 days Umrah Package, then we suggest you to split the total duration in half. Let’s say 5 nights in Makah, 5 in Medina
  2. If you want to complete 40 prayers in the Masjid Nabawi then spend 8 nights in Medina and remaining in Makah.
  3. If you want to spend a few days in Makah to perform Umrah first, then go to Medina and then again come back to Makah and leave from Jeddah. If you want this, then choose our Umrah package include 3 nights Makah, 5 Nights Medina, and 3 Nights Makah again.

The Umrah is physically demanding and should be undertaken only by those who are fit enough to perform the rites. However, if adequate preparations are made, the disabled Muslims can fulfil their wish of performing Umrah. For this, Polani Travel is committed to make Umrah journey widely accessible regardless of ability or disability by offering a huge range of well-catered senior citizen. Umrah packages. Our IATA certified advisors use our association with the leading airlines, affiliation with the best service providing hotels, and partnership with the ground transportation agencies, we design these Umrah packages with reasonable adjustments to facilitate the requirements of disabled travelers such as arrange facilities for the disabled at Jeddah airport, booking ground floor accommodation in hotels that are equipped for the disabled and arrange special vehicle that will also carry wheelchair. Please contact our Package Designing Department to get further information on any of these Umrah packages that include facilities for disabled persons.

Yes! Talk to our friendly live chat advisers or have a voice call with our experts support staff functioning under friendly customer support department to get assistance at every step while designing your Umrah package with your own desired facilities. Just click the chat now button at the bottom right corner to connect to one of them and get assistance regarding your every need. Alternatively, simply call us and speak our advisors.


With us as your Umrah tour operator, you have nothing to worry. Our affiliations with best air travel service providers make us capable to let you add a stopover in your Umrah packages and make a rejuvenating destination Umrah for enjoyment or meet-up with your family at any destination whether it be Antalya, Morocco, Dubai, Pakistan, India, China or any other location before you go to fulfil your religious duties of Umrah.

Surely the baggage allowance to which you are entitled to will vary from airline to airline. Some permit 1 bags of 23kg individual to be carried by a single person with 7kg of hand carriage that can be taken inside the aircraft cabin. If by chance you are not sure what the criteria of any specific airline for the baggage is then you can freely contact our knowledgeable advisors to provide you with authentic information to let you avoid any sort of hassle at the airport.


Yes! We offer a huge range of customizable Umrah packages from which you can choose one and customize it with the hotel of your preference. As associated with the top-notch and luxurious hotels of Makah and Medina, Polani Travel builds a Hotel Booking Department where our tour
advisors put effort to compare different aspects of hotels, then prepare a list of quality service providing hotels and present it to our clients so they will choose from the wide selection of hotels available in the list ranging from 5 star executive to 3 star economy hotels that best match their budget and class.

No matter the Umrah Package you choose from our array of pre-designed umrah package deals or design your own one, our well-experienced Hotel Reservation Department utilizes our direct link with the best 5-star, 4 star & 3-star hotels in the nearest vicinity of Haram in both Makah and Medina to arrange sharing room for individuals travelling with their families or friends.


Generally, we do not include ground transfers to keep the prices of our Umrah packages low and in budget range. But you can add it in your personalized Umrah packages for a hassle free pilgrimage experience. You don’t have to go through the trouble of talking yourself with bus and taxi drivers at the airport, as our links with the best transport service providers in KSA allows us give freedom to you to add arrival and/or departure transfer in advance or you can contact our expert travel planners to get everything arranged on your behalf.

Yes, we do offer a vast variety of Ziyarat included Umrah packages to our valued customers. These packages include Ziyarats to House of Prophet (PBUH), Masjid-e-Quba, Masjid-e-Qiblatain, Arafat,

Mina, Mountain Hira, Uhad Mountain and other holy sites in both Makkah & Medina. You can also freely ask us to add ground transportation in your Umrah packages that picks you up from right outside your accommodation in both the holy cities and take you for Ziyarat to numerous holy sites. For your better convenience, the driver appointed to take you for Ziyarat is knowledgeable enough to act as a tour guide.

No matter what your requirements are, whether you want a Fortune, Hiace, GMC,H1 or any other vehicle depending on your comfort level, you can ask us to add it in your Umrah packages to have a marvelous and comfortable Umrah journey experience.


The Saudi Government has relaxed these rules and now you can visit other cities of KSA on umrah visa.

Yes, you may have an Umrah visa without having a British Passport, Please Contact our experienced tour advisors to get to know more about the detail of visa policy.

  1. Original Passport
  2.  BRP Card
  3. 1 photo passport size
  4.  Registration on Saudi Visa Bio App
  5.  Travelling itinerary/dates

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